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Allow us to introduce you to Hannah Wood

She’s gorgeous, she’s stylish and she’s a fantastic writer to boot – Hannah Wood is the perfect package! This rising blogger has masterfully included our Sienna bag in so many of her looks and has always produced magazine perfect photos without fail as proof.

Her immaculate Instagram feed (@hannahswood) is a testament of her sharp attention to detail and her exquisite understanding of colours. Her personal look is the ultimate combination of Japanese street-style meets modern day haute couture and for this reason she totally stood out to us in the endless Instagram sea of fashion bloggers and influencers. She’s a breath of fresh air. The way she pieces her outfits together is evidence of a deeper understanding of fashion that explores trends outside the status quo and experiments with newer, less mainstream ideas. This is probably partly due to the degree she’s enrolled in: Fashion Design and Marketing at the University of Huddersfield. Although she is only in first year, this young designer is already promising big things and we can’t wait to see what successes are in store for her!

We’re so happy we finally have the chance to focus and highlight a girl who so firmly embodies the Rag and Doll ethos and aesthetic. She kindly accepted to be interviewed by us and allowed us to pick her brain on all matter from her artist endeavours to her ideal breakfast.

Give it a read…

Q: You study Fashion Design with Marketing, how are you finding the combination of the two topics? Do you find they compliment each other or do you favour one more than the other?

A:  As I am currently only in the first year you could say ‘I am dipping my toes’ into all possible opportunities. I love designing and making, I have been doing this for a few years now but adding fashion marketing into the mix makes it a little bit more different. I am learning different ways I could possibly market my own potential business or products and that excites me. I could really see myself running my own business one day. I think they compliment one another really well and I am getting a greater understanding of how the fashion industry works.

Q: How would you describe your aesthetic? Womenswear? Menswear? Is it all traditional tailoring or do like to push it to more experimental drape?

A: I am 100% womenswear, I have never experimented designing much menswear as I think I like to create and design clothes that I could see myself and my friends wearing. I love making traditional tailored garments but sometimes it is fun to pull out a stand and start draping fabric across the body and see how it naturally falls. So I would say I am a little bit of both.

Q: Who are your biggest design influences?

A: I like to be inspired by a wide range of people and objects. I think that it is important to be influenced by key iconic designers one being for me Christian Dior as well as smaller designers such as Molly Goddard. I also love to be influenced by other students; I think it’s important to remember that some of the most current designers are just starting off like myself so I head to Instagram and Pinterest for this.

Q: Have you found that your blog helps your creative process?

A:  Absolutely. My blog is a visual diary of who I am and what I get up to. My degree, lifestyle and blog merge into one and all compliment one another really well. I like to think as myself of being really creative and I cant wait to start sharing more of this on my blog as time goes on.

Q: Is blogging something that you would like to consider as a potential career path or is it just something that compliments your uni work?

I have never imagined my blog as a career but if it was something that could happen I would love to give it a shot. I am sure my blog will always be my ‘bit on the side’ as it were and I will continue with other projects in the future. For the minute my blog compliments my uni work and hopefully one day will work in my favour to show case myself to potential employers. But like I said this is my hobby so I don’t take it all too serious, just yet.

Q: How do you find the energy to blog, especially now you’re doing a full time degree? What is your secret to stay motivated?

A: I blog because I love it, I have for a very long time even though Miss Hannah Sarah only started last summer. This is actually my third time running my own blog. My previous blogs were very different and did not have much structure to them. It is hard finding time to do it all especially as not everyone wants to take time out of their day to photograph your outfits and I only have the weekend available for this. As well I have to get every blog post proof-read several times as my dyslexia definitely holds me back sometimes and I can find it really hard to express what I am wanting to say. My secret to stay motivated is I know I am doing this for myself and as a hobby, for sure some days I don’t want to care about photographing my outfit but for the best part I do and I really enjoy it. It is a visual diary that represents who and what I am.

Q: How did you come across Rag and Doll?

A: I came across Rag and Doll through Instagram. I find a lot of uniquely owned boutiques and sites through Instagram.

Q: What’s the one thing about the fashion industry you are really excited about?

A: I am excited about how it is forever changing and will continue to do so. It was a big thing for me to step out of my comfort zone and take the step into the fashion industry. It is a tough business to work in, but I like a challenge and I am sure with my determination I will get along just fine.


Quick Fire Questions:

Favourite blogger?

– Sophie Milner (Fashion Slave).

Dream holiday destination?

– Maldives.

Dior or Chanel?

 – Dior.

Current Obsession?

– Listening to Podcasts.

Pet hate?

– People being late.

Ideal breakfast?

– Sat on the streets of Paris eating a pan au chocolate probably with my mum.

Favourite Rag and Doll Item?

– Their handbags, probably their Sienna black pony I have worn it to death!

Check out Hannah’s website to learn more about this up and coming fashion force:

( Illustration by @mad.sug )